Hi. My name is Beth and I draw pictures for a living.

I really, really like to draw a lot and I kiss my dogs on the lips.

That should cover everything; but for those of you who would like to know more, here it is:
I have always lived in the Pacific Northwest. I have loved to draw since I could first hold a crayon. In fact, some of my earliest work was a mural of my entire family, belly buttons and all, on the wall next to my crib. Even after that my parents encouraged me as an artist.

I studied graphic design at the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. Several years later and completely by accident I stumbled head-first into the Art Licensing business, and today my art can be found on all sorts of wonderful products. After living in the city for 35 years, I moved way out to the country where I now spend my days happily drawing and painting in a log house by a river shared with my amazing and weird furry little family, easily inspired by a few of my favorite things: animals, gardening, and nature.

Want more? How about this stuff:

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